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Myristica Med is pleased to able to bring to market a fantastic new range of relieving sprays, creams and roll-ons, whose ingredients have for centuries helped many people cope the daily aches and pains associated with an active lifestyle or the aging process.

Our products are here to make your day-to-day life much healthier and easier to cope with.

Myristica Med was founded by Alison Padmore, a keen amateur scientist and former beautician, who has for years been at the forefront of developing products for the health and beauty industry. Alison, a former salon owner in Lewis’s department store in Liverpool, has spent decades researching and perfecting Myristica from a Caribbean pain relieving remedy based primarily on nutmeg, a natural spice found all over the Caribbean and coconut oil. The ingredients have carefully selected and COSH tested to ensure maximum results with minimum risk.

Our products are devised from a blend of coconut oil, nutmeg and other natural ingredients which can be found widely throughout the Caribbean, and dating back well before new world explorers like Columbus and Megellen.

In an age of what some might say the over use of oral painkillers has become the norm, Myristica is a refreshing reminder of how powerful coherent and effective medicines applied directly to aches and pains can be. No need to wait or hour for the substance to be swallowed and absorbed before any results will be noticed.

Applied daily, you will truly be amazed at how quickly our products can seek out those annoying aches and pains and help you to get on with the really important things in life.

Try it for yourself you simply can’t put a price on pain relief … we’re confident you’ll be pleasantly surprised!
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