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Alison Padmore, Founder

Born in Chester, Alison Padmore is a British businesswoman, mother and natural wellness advocate, best known as the founder of Myristica Med, a company dedicated to producing and retailing natural pain relieving products based on ethical consumerism and enhancing wellbeing.

Alison started Myristica in 2007 to share her passion for wellness and some inspiration to help others live greener, whilst creating a lifestyle worth sustaining.

As a keen amateur scientist and former beautician, learning about our bodies and natural healing led Alison to learn about alternative therapies, including essential oils, GMOs, non-toxic cleaning, the harmful nature of chemicals, and much more. She has for years been at the forefront of developing products for the health and beauty industry.

Alison, a former salon owner in Lewis’s department store in Liverpool, has spent decades researching and perfecting Myristica from a Caribbean pain relieving remedy based primarily on nutmeg – a natural spice found all over the Caribbean – and coconut oil. The ingredients have carefully selected and COSH tested to ensure maximum results with minimum risk.

Throughout our daily lives we are dependent on plants and their many uses. We use a broad variety of plant life for oxygen, food, clothing, and to bring harmony and balance into our homes and surroundings.

Plants have many great qualities, but the plants themselves are not the only bounty. The oils that are extracted from leaves, flowers, stems, roots, or bark are incredible tools we can use in our everyday lives to help us achieve a healthy solutions and wellbeing.

And so began Alison’s mission to set up Myristica, to help promote wellness through the use of natural products in her range of pain relieving sprays, roll-ons, creams and bathing products.

At Myristica we prohibit the use of ingredients tested on animals, promote fair trade, and create products which are suitable for vegetarians/vegans.

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